Top Tips For Keeping your Fleet Cars Serviced!

Top Tips For Keeping your Fleet Cars Serviced!

Fleet cars maintenance is always on the top of the list for organizations but despite so many efforts, the care fleet cars require cannot be given. But, the service mechanics at Toyota of Elizabeth City always work to ensure the original operating specifications of your cars. Toyota of Elizabeth City is your home for reliable service.

Here is a checklist present from us, that’ll come handy next time you service your fleet cars:

  1. Emergency Kit: Few troubles that cars run into, cannot be predicted. For them an emergency kit that contains a pair of cables, a tire, coolants, jacks and other tools to keep the situation under control.
  2. Policy and other checks: Making sure the documents of the vehicle are always in place with a valid license of the driver and insurance documents. A basic checklist for day to day use including maintenance, and replacement of engine oil, alignment of wheels.
  3. Smart Technology: Instead of maintaining things manually, a smarter approach will be where the cars, are diagnosed at specific stations, and with a detailed report that’ll come in handy, anytime things go south.
  4. Unique Programs: Every car is different hence they require unique programs of maintenance and service that are specifically designed for them which can be evaluated at regular interval of time and can be modified accordingly.
  5. Gentle Reminders: Every team assigned to the car, should be reminded of the preventive maintenance. Preventive maintenance is a report on the history of the servicing, mileage and time duration of every service maintained.
  6. Active Team: When work is done in a team, it reduces the chances of errors and with increased quality.

At the end, maintaining fleet cars will always be a team effort with various factors influencing it which will improvise with time. We can understand you are on a budget and might be intrigued to recognize what service specials we provide. So drive in for service at Toyota of Elizabeth City near Virginia Beach, VA.

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