Types of Carpet Cleaning Services Available in Toronto

Types of Carpet Cleaning Services Available in Toronto

Carpets have come down from being a luxury to a necessity over the years and almost everyone is having them in their house. But, many people also realize that carpet cleaning is not an easy job that one could do at home. As a result, people approach cleaning services Toronto to ensure their carpets are fresh and new for longer periods. The professional cleaners employ different kinds of methods to clean a carpet which are explained in detail here.

Hot water extraction

The fiber of the carpet is agitated with the help of hot water with high pressure so that the dirt is dissolved. The method involves the following steps –

Cleaning agent is applied on the areas where there is dirt.

Carpet is agitated thoroughly or on concentrated areas with the help of a brush with smooth bristles.

After agitation the carpet is rinsed with hot water or steam is applied.

The carpet is left to dry for 4-5 hours and would take 2 hours to clean (a regular size carpet). It is suggested to commence the washing during the afternoon or during holidays where there would be no disturbance. Once the carpet is cleaned by a Toronto cleaning service with this procedure the client can sit back for many months before asking for another cleaning service.

Shampooing method

Hot water treatment is best suggested for mild stains and overall health of the carpet whereas shampooing is a method that best fits for hard stains. The professional cleaning service Toronto will identify all the stains on the carpet and apply shampoo over them. After letting the shampoo work on the stains it is cleaned thoroughly using a brush. The only problem with the method is formation of residue over the carpet. This has shown rapid increase of soiling after cleaning.


This has become a perfect replacement for shampooing now used by cleaning services Toronto. Encapsulation uses synthetic detergents that are applied on the carpet and they get crystallized to powder after drying. The detergent during the crystallization attracts all the dust and stains which are vacuumed. The technique uses less water and is more efficient in removing stains. Moreover, encapsulation is considered as one of the most environmental friendly carpet cleaning methods that leaves little or no residue after cleaning.


The use of machine is the prominent feature of bonnet cleaning. The surface of the carpet is moved with a machine that has a spinning pad dipped in cleaning reagents that absorbs all the dirt. It is a very quick method to clean the carpet and provides instant results. Any professional cleaning service Toronto will use it in hotels and commercials areas where instant cleaning solutions are preferred.

Dry cleaning

This is a technology that is increasing in popularity and is quite different from the rest. The cleaning power is applied to the bottom of the carpet with the help of a motor brush. The powder is allowed to rest inside the carpet ensuring all the dirt is absorbed. After allowing some time, the powder is extracted and one can witness no stains or dirt on the carpet. For any of these carpets cleaning services in Toronto reach out for us through Foursquare or Ourbis.

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