How To Use Halloween Festival To Overcome Your Fears?

Contrary to what many people believe, the fear is not anxiety, it is actually an emotional state that exists only in the presence of a danger.  While as anxiety is what one anticipates even when the danger or threat is not present physically.

 The person suffering from anxiety worries about future events while as fear exists when a threat or fear is actually present before the person.  The fear causes symptoms like shakiness and fast heart rate in the affected individual.

If the person suffering from fear and anxiety is able to understand how it processed in his/her brain, he/she can easily overcome it. This is the best therapy Los Angeles that all therapists in this city suggest patients suffering from the post traumatic stress disorder to overcome fear and anxiety.

Most times the fear of a thing is processed in the minds of kids when their moms just for teasing do such things that actually frighten them. Many moms tell their children, tales about monsters, how they look and what they do?  Since Monsters are a symbolic to fear, some children who hear about them tend to believe they are real. This inscribes fear in them of monsters.

Halloween is around the corner. You can use this occasion to make your child understand the cause of fear in him/her.  Remember the understanding of fear comes from classical fear conditioning experiments. We know this festival is just for tricks and treats, when people wear scary costumes walk around and trick others.

 There are experts who believe that Halloween can be used to provide kids affected by fear a safe way to experience and know the real truth of scary things. The kids know they are in a safe place with family and friends, Goblins and ghosts walking up and down the streets are not real.

 5 Halloween Costumes to Dress Up As A Way to Overcome Fear and Anxiety

Halloween festival gives you an opportunity to make your kids who are scared of certain things to overcome their fears.  One way to overcome our pesky fear of monsters and darkness is to wear scary costumes to understand and explore our fears. People suffering from post traumatic stress disorder can wear the following five Halloween costumes for dressing up as a way to overcome their fear and anxiety.

  1. Beheaded

How scary a beheaded person will look like, yes, the head is missing, you can’t get much more terrifying than that. Just wear a largely shaped shirt to hide your head inside it. You can either buy a fake head or make use of Paper Mache paste and paper to create a head of your own.  And once it dries, then draw a face on paint.

  1. Tooth Fairy Gone Bad

‘Tooth Fairy Gone bad’ is another excellent idea to scare your friends and family on the occasion of Halloween.  You can make use of angel or old fairy wings as your main prop. And you can add a big white tooth to the prop cut out of paper or from a simple t-shirt and fake blood all over your face and costume just to make it look as you were recently pulling some teeth.

  1. Vampire

Vampire movies are considered symbolic of fear. You can customize the Vampire movie costumes to make them your favourite fictional vamp dress for Halloween. Whether it is a curtain, sheet or black blanket, just tie it around your neck. Make your own blood at home and make it bleed off the corners of your mouth same as that like actors do in vampire movies.

  1. Sinister Clown

Wear your most colorful clothes and spray hair color over your hair, and make use of makeup or a face paint to create the red nose and gaping mouth. You can add blood for extra scares.

  1. Ghost

The Ghost dress can be made out of a bed sheet. You can draw creepy eyes o cut eyes out with scissors.


If you have no idea what to wear on Halloween to scare and trick people, then here is a list of costumes for you that will not just help you to overcome the fears, but also help get rid of the post traumatic stress disorder.

When it comes to Halloween costumes, the dresses mentioned here help cosplayer take it to a whole other level.   We believe these costumes for cosplayers are so creepy, scary and bloody that they can probably raise the dead. Take a look at these dresses and select a best one for Halloween 2017.

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