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Why to Use SMS in A Marketing Campaign?

The role of marketers is to come up with creative ways to highlight their messages to potential and existing customers as well as to gain good results from such endeavours. A practical, basic rule in marketing is to think like the target audience, to stay updated with their buying habits and the locations where they are searching for.

It is crucial for you to gain visibility wherever your customers go. With the existence of four mobiles to one computer in the current market, it is apparent where the customers can be located. Mobile marketing is not a fact that you can put on the to-do-list in the future; make sure that you feature on mobile devices, right now.

With the rapid popularity of smart phone users, future-focused businesses are looking for a way to ensure that their business is mobile friendly. They are discovering the use of SMS solutions Australia.

Here are top reasons why SMS is a great avenue for marketing:

  • Quick messaging

With SMS, no longer do you have to wait for campaigns to be printed or designs to be mocked up. Only, decide on your message and sending a bulk messages to customers takes only the time for a single SMS on your phone. You can not only save time for marketing but also with 90% opening rate, you can get quick results.

  • Mobile friendly

No longer should you push to the backseat, the need to make your business mobile-friendly. Mobile marketing has arrived and is here to stay. Almost all mobile phones are friendly and compatible to short message services, so that you don’t need to worry about missing certain networks or alienating any users.

  • Loved by customers

It is an accessible and simple mode of engaging with one another. With open rate of 98%, it matches any other mode of communication as regards read rate. Majority of people send and get text messages, through a daily basis. Thus, we will get to know what customers will be like, how they gain access to and realize how to make use of them.

  • Cost-effective

Most marketers are amazed by the costs of entry level of SMS marketing. Typically, marketers of small organizations will assume that it is costly and complicated to use SMS technology. But when they realize how small the investment for its marketing is, they quit worrying and present the concept of such marketing before their bosses.

  • Eco-friendly

Compared to snail mail or e-mail marketing, a text message leaves the least carbon foot-print. It happens to be a carbon free mode of communicating. Thus, if you are trying to make your business greener, the right step is SMS marketing.

  • Direct

Mostly, we all do not leave our home without a mobile phone. Fact is, the phone may be within your arm’s reach throughout 24×7. Compared to calling or having face to face meeting with customers, there is a no better way for communicating your message and also to ensure that message is delivered successfully, right into the hands of customers, within seconds.

  • Simplicity

Even as we attempt to juggle our busy lives, we may face information over load. Leaflets are discarded, advertisements ignored and e-mails remain unread. SMS is simple and small and gets the message across in an instant mode, without much of a mess.

These are some facts about using SMS for marketing.

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