How To Use Video Email Marketing 2018

Email marketing is the honor to be an old school. Some people think that email marketing is outdated but the think is email marketing is still alive. Many of the experts have launched email marketing programs and it took them to realize that email is the most significant resource for ROI. For new email marketers, they can’t be quickly recognizing the cutting edge of its benefits. But yet there are plenty of examples can review to be a master in it.

Video email strategy is the primary thing for this and it is true that some of the embed email videos can’t play or seen. But there are some other few ways to show your content visually. Studies tell us that video can be gives as thrice as ROI than the standard email. Video can open the connection and chances that words and text can’t get it.

So stop thinking that email marketing is outdated as an old printing machine. Even if you don’t want to invest money in email marketing, these things can make it easy to implement and give more fabulous results. There are mainly three categories.

  • Embedded
  • Animated Gifs
  • Cinemagraphs


This one will require HTML5 to be visible. Unluckily this is an option only available to Apple Mail and Outlook audience. Don’t worry you can use video gifs instead of video. It is also creating an impact over the emails you send it to your audience. Some of the marketers use the YouTube video embedded to share the video via email, but this is not widely the best tactics to use.

Animated Gifs

Animated gifs are helpful to marketers because they are easily stripped down from a video and easy to frame with some few images to make a move. It is so minimal to make and easy to get engaged for your websites. You shouldn’t go more than three are four frames and it will be the sweetest spot. Animated gifs won’t work correctly on Outlook. If just create an animated gif it will show as a static image only. The good thing about the animated gifs is there easy to use and access. And also their plenty of online sites ( are there to create your one.


A mixing of videos and images, Cinemagraphs will look like a looping video. But only one copy will move and that is the beauty of it. Be creative to make video and animated gifs to include in your email to attract more audience for your websites.

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