How to Utilise Space in a Small Garden

How to Utilise Space in a Small Garden

Your garden might be relatively small – perhaps because your finances were rather tight when you originally bought your home. Alternatively, you might have recently added a home improvement, like an extension, which has swallowed up much of what used to be a large garden.

However, don’t forget the familiar saying that “good things come in small packages”! With some creative thinking, you can lay out your garden in a way that makes good use of the modest space.

All white on the night… or the walls

If you have often applied expanses of white to interior walls, you might have been pleasantly surprised by how much this has helped the space to look brighter and lighter. You can utilise the same trickery in your garden if it has any brick walls to which you could apply a white layer.

Nonetheless, if the brickwork is damaged or needs repointing, arrange for a local building firm to rectify this problem first. Otherwise, the white will only faintly conceal that lumpy surface.

Be selective with the plants

That white can make a great backdrop for your plants, but you should be fussy about which of these plants you place in your garden. You might have already made a list of plants you would most like to see in that garden; however, House Beautiful advises that you halve this list twice over.

If your house affords a good view of the garden, you should also particularly prioritise choosing winter plants – as those can stay in a visually pleasing condition right through summer and winter.

Opt for potted plants

Your garden might be so small that it lacks a lawn in which to grow new plants. Maybe the ground consists entirely of gravel, or you do have a lawn, but it’s already pretty full with beautiful foliage.

Whatever the reason for that absent lawn, keep in mind that it doesn’t need to prove a major sore point anyway, as you could simply buy your plants in pots. Plants could be provided in this way at a garden centre, where you could source a stunning range for your outdoor space.

Set aside space where the kids can play

With so little space to spare in your garden, where could your children play outdoors while staying within your range of view? One answer could be a small conservatory to have set up in the garden.

Of course, you wouldn’t exactly be able to go overboard with the conservatory’s size. However, a local construction company could assemble it to your specification.

Incorporate some shade, too

There are many ways in which you could add shade to your garden. Ideal Home highlights one example of a decked garden featuring a shaded seating space and barbecue for alfresco dining.

However, if your mind is already set on the conservatory idea, you could make sure it also has a light-blocking roof. That can be provided by roofers in Newcastle upon Tyne and various other parts of the country, making it a very palatable option.

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