Air Conditioning Systems

Varieties of Air Conditioning Systems Available for the Buildings

The cooling of the indoors is essential in sweltering heat of the summer days, especially in the tropical regions. Nowadays, different types of air conditioners are available in the market, which can be used to keep the rooms, home and commercial properties comfortably cool. However, the owners of these buildings should have certain knowledge about these air conditioning systems, which may help them in choosing the suitable machines for cooling their indoor spaces. The special features, costs of these air conditioners, as well as the requirements, influence the buyer’s decision of choosing a specific variety of these cooling appliances. 

Popular Types of Air Conditioning Machines Chosen for Homes 

  • Window Type Air Conditioner – The window air conditioning system is comprised of a condenser unit and a compressor, both of which are engineered into a single metal box, which is known as unitary unit. Generally, it is installed either on the window or in a large hole made on the wall, to bring down the temperature of that specific room.  However, it is not an ideal choice for cooling large indoor space, as it holds the capability to cool only a medium sized room.
  • Split Type Air Conditioner – The split air conditioner these days is now considered to be the best choice in common households, due to its easily manageable size and ductless operation. Its installation is hassle free and the outdoor condenser unit is usually installed on the outer wall of the room or on the roof of the house, which is connected to the compressor and other inner parts by a hollow rubber tube.
  • Centrally Placed Air Conditioner – While the window and split air conditioners are used for cooling a single room; you can cool an entire house uniformly by installing central air conditioning system. It is usually installed at a center point of the building, from where several ducts of same diameter pass through the walls to different rooms and keep the whole building cool. The capacity of this air conditioner depends on the size of the building or the number of rooms to be cooled, which also decides its cost.
  • Portable Air Conditioner – As the name suggests, it is a small and compact air conditioner that can be easily transported from one place to another. Here, the single air conditioning unit absorbs the heat of the room and releases it outside. The appliance is connected to a rubber pipe that passes through any window or a small hole on a wall, to open out into the atmosphere.
  • Packed Air Conditioner – It is a smaller version of central air conditioner, where all the mechanical components are fitted within a single unit that is placed at a central location of the house. This air conditioning system is used to cool small buildings with only a few rooms, where the central unit is connected with ducts to all the rooms.
  • Hybrid Type of Air Conditioner – This type of cooling system can also be used for heating purpose during winters, by changing its source of fuel supply. It runs with the help of electricity for cooling the rooms in summer; while it can heat the indoors in cold weather with the heat absorbed from burning fossil fuel and the warmer outdoors at daytime.
  • Geothermal Heating System – This type of air conditioning system is directly connected to the earth’s core, for releasing or absorbing heat through long geothermal coils that pass deep into the ground. Hence, it can be used both as a cooler in summer and a heater in winter.

All these varieties of air conditioners are quite popular among the common people, who prefer to ensure better comfort at home or in office by the installation of these cooling appliances.

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