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Video Conference – A Boon in Mass Communication

Efficient communication is key to the everyday functioning of a modern society, running a successful company to landing a job opportunity in a multinational company, the primary stage starts with a well-organized link that connects the recruiters with their candidate, or business partners with their board of directors. Thus, to gratify this demand, video conferencing has emerged as an effective system that allows one to initiate a forum comprising of several correspondents placed at different parts of the world.

lifesize room video conference can be initiated by using an effective internet connection and some basic tools like a web camera and a wide screen. Often, in today’s world, thanks to Globalization,companies have scattered hubs throughout the world with scatteredworkforce. Video conferencing can connect all this workforce at once with each other. Sharing ideas, tactics and company aims, holding meetings with key members of different branches has become effortless and budget friendly because such meetings can now be held using a camera, cutting the cost of travel. As video conferencing provides a direct visual data to an employer, he or she can easily monitor the activities of their various units. The cost effectiveness of such a model ensures that such meetings can be held more often now, as restrictions and expenses are practically zero.

A video conference has a humanizing effect on every participant, the way it is different from a phone call or an email, is because it’s the visual of an actual person conveying the message, thus, the importance of the message, the reality of the situation gets across people more easily because they can actually see the emotions and expressions of a real person, it’s not just a voice behind a telephone, it’s a real time experience of sort where both the participants know that they have to convey their words with as much dedication and passion, as he wants others to work with. The participants have to be more concentrated about what is being discussed or planned. This positively effects the productivity of the workforce. The overall experience of a video conference lifesize is thus, more human and helps establishing the gravity of the situation among the participants.

Video conferencing has also emerged with its benefits in an alternative sector that is the teaching and training sector. With a boom in worldwide education in the past few years, students and educational institutes have started using video conferencing in their own effective way. Now, lectures can be held on multiple class rooms by the same professor using the simple technique of video conferencing. In this way, the spread of education has truly achieved a globalized identity. Now, students can get access of quality education from efficient teachers in most remote places and centers, where, an actual visit from the teacher might have been a problematic thing to achieve. Thus, Video conferencing has been serving as a brainchild of Globalization and we will be able to identify more ways to use it efficiently in future.

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