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Vu android TV can revolutionize Indian TV market

With ongoing data and technology revolution, people are buying more and more smartphones and are investing more in stream on demand entertainment. And this increase in consumption has jumped many folds because of affordable technological revolution which is now a big part of Digital India.

The advent of Smart TVs

Amidst all these, there is now introduction of smart TVs in the market and among the big giants of television industry; Vu TVs has already set itself on par with others with its recent launch of new range of smart televisions called Activoice running on android nougat. Even though the price of this new range smart TVs are expensive as compared to others, as per Vu there is enough differentiation between its television and others to justify the cost. These differentiations are because the television runs on android nougat and therefore it can use features like Google’s Assistant, built-in Chromecast support, Netflix, Google Play Store with Android updates and the ability to understand and execute voice commands through the supplied remote.

We all know that 50-inch 4K LED television has been in the market for quite some time and one can afford to buy with a price set above one lakh, but with launch of 50-inch 4K 3D LED TV by Vu Technologies at a much affordable price as compared to others, has changed the face of Indian TV market.

What makes Vu TVs better than others?

  1. Experience: It is a joy to watch 4K content with a 3840×2160 pixel resolution, making also the regular content superb. Also, it comes with inbuilt 3D mode and 3D glasses. Moreover, the viewing angles are just great. With 178 degrees horizontal and vertical, one can watch it even by sitting on the sides.
  2. Design: It has an elegant look with a sleek bezel and a straight line design. With colorful and saturated pictures, the display has a wide color gamut. One can get clear viewing experience in any light because of its High Bright Mode and dynamic contrasts which ensures deep blacks. There is also a Smooth Motion Control with 60Hz refresh rate which delivers crisp, jerk-free pictures.
  3. Sound: Vu’s Activoice sound quality complements the high picture quality. It has an impressive sound system with 10W speakers and inbuilt soundbar giving a total output RMS of 20W. It also features DTS Surround sound for theatre like experience with the help of Dolby and DTS systems.

In all, the Vu televisions offers good value of money as it offers some features which other televisions lack at a very affordable price.

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