What Is Export Packaging And Ways Of Doing It

Export packaging can also be called as transport packaging, this is mainly required for export items. Export packaging helps us to ensure that our goods are safe and they arrive safely and without any damage overseas too, as said earlier it’s also known as transport packaging.

Export packaging is a blend of three layers of packaging, which is needed when you are exporting products.

  1. Sales packaging is the first layer of packaging which is around the goods, you can say that this is packaging that will stay intact when the goods arrive at the user or can say consumer, like bottles in which liquid items arrive, or can say boxes with some electronic items .
  2. Outer packaging now this layer of packaging is the middle layer  that contains many other sales packages, mainly used for promotion and sales purpose
  3. Transport or export packaging this is the outer layer of packaging and its meant for protecting the goods from outside like wooden crates or boxes.

Export packaging is basically the method of protecting the product and the brand from getting damaged, hence quality of export packaging need to be compatible with below protocols.

Protection: Export packaging needs to be very durable and air resistant and free from water leakage to protect the product.

Handling, transporting and storing

Export packaging should always ensure that product gets handled and are well stored during their transit process, because one never knows that in what condition the goods will travel and where it will go. The export packaging should be such that it makes product handling easy

It is cost effective , export packaging is well designed and lightweight and takes very less space , it’s made of best raw material that is available and it also has very limited minimal shipping charges.

There are various types of goods that are exported from time to time, these are metal, plastic , wooden and textiles items that need to be exported, there are many types of packaging that can be done while exporting goods like loose or unpacked packaging , they are mostly used for exporting large products etc.

The most popular form of export packing is wooden boxes packaging which is used to pack metals or liquids etc. or powders wooden drums can be used for packaging.

It becomes very difficult to decide which type of packing will be suitable and which export packing suits best the cost and requirement.

While deciding the packaging type it’s important to know where the products needs to be exported and under what conditions its needs to be exported, how many days it will take in transit and what would be the mode of transport.

The export packaging companies are becoming competitive day by day and trying to bring new ideas for packaging which are cost effective and are user friendly and best among all in the market.

Export packaging helps ensure that products are in safe hand.

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