Winter Cap: The Winter Trend Of 2019

Winters are arriving soon, bringing with it whole new trends to doll up yourselves into the most stylish outfits. Winter cap, jackets, coats, sweaters, hoodies, boots and so on, oh my God, winter offers so many options to dress stylishly.

Here I have a scrutinised list of winter trends 2019 that I bet you won’t keep your hands off them.

Winter florals – Yes! By the end of the year, we all will see we wearing all floral winter outfits in the most summery colours (don’t you just love that bright yellow hoodie of yours? yes just like that). They look so attractive and amazing, can’t wait to get in them.

Checks on checks – Remember when we judged two different checks in the same outfit? Well, that time is long gone. It’s a year for an outfit with different checks on top and bottom. Trust me or not, this is going to be so in for the upcoming winters; you won’t be able to resist getting them for you.

High-waist belts – High waistline is already so in, this one is something you can already see coming. Sweaters and coats with high-waist belts Give a feeling of break and make your thick thighs appear thin using the golden principle of proportion. Get these trends, buy women’s sweaters online India.

Brown coats in leather – Previous winters gave this to brown leather jackets (I still remember the struggle to get myself the one just right for me), it’s time for the leather coats to take that place. Go for a leather coat with unusually long hem and trust me you’ll stand out.

Pointed toes – How can we forget about the boots when we talk about winters, winters are all about boots and this year go for pointed boots.

Caps – Have you got one of those Binnie caps you see everywhere? Well, go for it because winter caps are going to take this year just like the previous year.

Furs and feathers – Okay this year is going to be like one of those from your childhood with a lot of furs and feathers in the outfits. I bet you’ll love those soft, cosy feels.

Quilted and stuffed – You want to know what kind of jacket you’re going to get for you this year? Yes, it’s the quilted ones. I personally love them; they are just so soft and comfortable to wear with all those stuffing.

Glitter – Glitter isn’t something you often see in winters, but they are so in, and an occasional glitter is perfect. Get yourself a glitter top and style it with a matt black leather jacket and boots and bam you’re ready to plant a seed of envy in other girls heart.

Purple, it is – Make space for some purple in your wardrobe, you’re going to thank me so much because purple is what you’ll end up buying the most this year.

Bags and some more bags – You’re going to see an amazing collection of bags, from huge to itty bitty, by the end of this year.

These were some of my favourite trends for the fall of 2019.

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